The Great State Of Tennessee

Tennessee is a diverse state that is located in the southeast region of the United States. It is known for being the first state to institute a government on the western side of the Appalachian Mountain in 1772. This government was known as the Watauga Association, which was a pact.

Known for its proud tradition of serving the nation and its community, this state had the highest number of soldiers in the Confederate Army. It also sent the highest number of soldiers to the Gulf War. It is known as the Volunteer State because of their valor in the Battle of New Orleans and it seems this tradition has continued into recent history.

The history of the name is quite interesting as well. The first recorded version was noted by a Spanish explorer by the name of Juan Pardo. He and his crew traveled through a Native American town by the name of Tanasqui. Then again during the 1700s traders came across a Cherokee village known as Tanasi in what is now Monroe County. Whether or not the two towns were the same is not clear, but there is suspicion that it is. That will likely never be determined, but the names are quite similar. The meaning of the name is not absolute either but the most popular translation is meeting place.

In a tie with Missouri, it is bordered by the most states at a whopping 8. Those states include Kentucky, Virginia, North Caroline, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Missouri. Due to its central location it sees a great deal of travel. This lends to them being a highly sought after destination for travel.

It is also known as the country music capital of the world. Almost everyone has heard of its most famous city, Nashville. There you can find countless aspiring musicians as well as those that are already well known. This draws millions of tourists each year, often inspiring them to purchase cowboy boots and hats to feel as though they fit in with the locals.

Tennessee is a diverse state culturally, geographically and historically. There is far too much to share about this state that one article can not provide. If you have not yet, the best way to truly understand all that this state has to offer is by taking a trip to enjoy the culture for yourself. It is sure to please.